Artist’s Statement & Bio

The changing light of day and the moods it creates are the foundations of Sharon’s oil paintings. Layers of transparent glazes are used to achieve a luminous quality and the use of chiaroscuro brings a painting to life. Minute structuring of details as they interact with one another generates tension and interest on an abstract level.
Sharon captures a split second in time — a suspended reality of a particular light and season in order to engage the viewer artistically, emotionally, and intellectually. A synthesis of colour, composition and texture in unison speaks directly to the viewer without further explanation.
Sharon Argyle works in watercolour, etching, oils and photography.

sharonngcPainting is a meditation —a study of the silent space surrounding a thing so its inner life is revealed.
Then the play of light upon it makes it visible.

Sharon Argyle’s personal journey as an artist began in childhood. Born in the 1950s in Edmonton, Alberta, Sharon showed an aptitude for art from an early age. “My greatest joy as a child was to have a big box of crayons with all the colours.” Her father, a beatnik journalist, was known to entertain guests from Joan Baez to Jack Kerouac. “This kid really gets it” said Kerouac upon seeing her earliest work.
In 1960, Sharon moved to her grandparents’ home in Venice Beach, California where she spent her teen years experimenting with different media from painting buses and murals to chaotic abstract portraits of the people she knew. Later as the 60s drew to a close in the fallout of her turbulent teen years she came to a critical turning point in her life – one day, in her garden while observing in fascination the plants and tiny bugs she caught a glimpse of what she describes as the “true work of Art.” In a moment free of the escapism so pervasive of the era; the need to view life through a distorted kaleidoscopic lens, she had for the first time consciously witnessed the Real. Though completely ordinary, or so she had thought, it was as beautiful as anything she had ever seen. From this moment onward she became dedicated to sharing this perception of life through depicting what she calls “the small details often overlooked.”

Aiming to hone her skills, Sharon studied still life painting with Doris McCarthy at Central Technical School in Toronto and art history at York University and the University of Toronto before traveling to Europe in the 1980s to study first-hand the painters of the Northern Renaissance and Dutch still life. One day while observing the work of Pieter Claesz she again experienced a moment pivotal to her artistic direction when a young girl came up to her and innocently exclaimed “I really love your paintings!” In her naieveté the child had probably sensed a deeper connection, which is evident in her work to this day.

Sharon has also worked as a graphic artist and tapestry designer.  She now paints full time in Kingston, Ontario. Her designs and paintings have found homes in the private collections of art enthusiasts internationally.










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